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Deep Expertise and Lasting Partnership

MyPass Password and Identity Cloud is the result of more than a decade of collaboration between Integralis IT Consultancy and FastPassCorp. This joint venture allows MyPass to provide services to businesses throughout Africa.

The Integralis group has been around for a while (since 2008 in fact). In that time Integralis have earned extensive experience in enterprise architecture, solution development, consulting and identity management. This has enabled MyPass in building a portfolio of services and technology products that empower and secure business both on-premises and in the cloud. MyPass is just the latest in a series of best in class products and services being developed, deployed and operated by Integralis. These include enterprise identity, governance solutions, enterprise-scale mergers & acquisitions, cloud migrations, software asset management and managed services.

We have also launched a set of complementary services including business analysis and P30 (Portfolio, Programme and Project Office) services. This makes us a one-stop partner, from business requirements gathering to ongoing management.

The Values that Drives Us

At the core of Integralis are the team members that drive everyday innovation and solutions, and at the heart of our interactions with our teams lies our core values.

At the root of all interaction within our businesses, lies trust. If we cannot trust the actions and intent of the team member working alongside us, there is little to no real relationship or innovation that can exist. This influences the solutions we seek to build for our clients, come to pass.



Taking ownership of a challenge, task or deliverable and completing in such a way that we are delighted and satisfied with the outcome is a core value for us. We do our best and want to be proud of what we've completed.



Our work supports ourselves, but also the people closest to us. Tough times cannot be the norm at the expense of our loved ones. We manage our workload; work hard and then disconnect to be present with loved ones.


// Experience. Execution. Excellence.

What We Actually Do

The MyPass Password and Identity Verification Suite makes it possible for you to experience operational efficiency, security and lastly governance & compliance when thinking about credential self-service and helpdesk interaction. By directly addressing end-user productivity concerns, enabling service delivery at the corporate helpdesk and driving risk management through secure transactions, multi-factor authentication, and auditing, MyPass provides real business value and security. All this while driving down the costs associated with password management across a complex IT environment.

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