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Password and Identity Verification

Security, Productivity & Compliance

The MyPass Cloud offers a secure, web-based cloud solution that puts password control back in the hands of your users, and allows simple and secure identity verification for helpdesk interactions.

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Efficiency and Security

Thousands of companies are struggling with the same problems. Sprawling and complex user passwords, unnecessarily high call volumes to the helpdesk, and weak identity verification of employees or third parties. All of this while trying to manage a remote workforce securely and effectively.

Analysts tell us that approximately 20% – 35% of all helpdesk interactions are password related. This is a monumental waste of resources for any business, big or small, but also a substantial risk vector for bad actors trying to socially engineer access to your business.

The MyPass Password and Identity Verification Suite significantly reduces helpdesk workload and increases security for helpdesk managers and agents. Through the MyPass Identity Verification Manager (IVM), helpdesk agents are guided through simple and effective multi-stage / multi-factor identity verification, to establish caller identity and assist in password-related processes. These processes include resets, changes, unlocks, and more.

Dynamic, secure, and multi-factor verification through the implementation of the MyPass Password Manager allows companies and all their users (employees, contractors, third parties, administrators, etc) to manage passwords more securely and efficiently.

// All-in-One Password and Identity Verification

MyPass Cloud Core Offering

Identity Verification Manager

MyPass IVM guides the entire verification process, instructing the helpdesk agent to take the user through a dynamic and secure verification process.


MyPass PM offers users the ability to self-service manage their passwords while providing helpdesk agents simple tools to assist users with any exception.

Managed Service Provider

MSPs can white-label a dedicated or shared environment to offer MyPass Cloud services to all managed customers, be it from a customer of the shared helpdesk.

// Enterprise and Cloud Reach

Integrate & Support
All Your Systems

The MyPass Cloud supports a huge array of directories, databases, applications, cloud, and custom endpoints. These integrations include vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM, Salesforce, Microfocus, and more.

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MyPass Technology Components

Shared or Dedicated Cloud

The MyPass Cloud gives customers complete data security and compliance by outsourcing all operations and security to our dedicated environments. Shared (multi-tenant) or dedicated (single customer / MSP) options are available.

On-Premise Deployment

The deployment of a MyPass Gateway server within the customer infrastructure facilitates secure communications between all applications. This is achieved by proxying all traffic between the MyPass Cloud and all on-premise/SaaS services.

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Quick Results

Slow and manual password resets an overworked helpdesk, and a small IT team looking after 1700 employees quickly causes over 100+ business hours lost on a weekly basis.
See how MyPass Password Manager with Password Synchronization across AD, Novell, IBM iSeries, and SAP, saved this manufacturing company time & money.

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