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Remove Password Headaches

Modern, Secure & Innovative

Virtually remove service desk requests for password resets, get rid of weak and insecure passwords and implement real password governance at the company helpdesk – all with one platform

// Any Password, Any Device, Any Time

Does my business need
Password Manager?

  • Do your users need 24/7 remote support for password requests?
  • Are you about to increase headcount in the service desk?
  • Do you want to reduce cost in the service desk?
  • Do work-from-home users experience password caching issues?
  • Do different teams work on password issues, e.g. SAP authorization and AS400 administrators?
  • Complex global IT landscape or long-running hybrid deployments?
// About MyPass Password Manager

Self-Service and Helpdesk Password Management

Self service password reset is one of the most efficient solutions any support organization can initiate. About 20-30% of all calls to a helpdesk are related to passwords. MyPass improves your end-user service level and reduce the workload for your service desk manager and IT-operations manager. But, it is much more than just user efficiency; MyPass Password Manager creates simple and secure guided process to reduce helpdesk workload and risk.

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MyPass Password Manager Benefits

High Adoption Rate

The best practice Helpdesk Password Management Guide provides clear steps on how to implement password self-service and reach an adoption rate of more than 90%

Easy Implementation

MyPass PM is delivered by the MyPass Cloud and is extended into your business by deploying the MyPass Gateway on-premise. This approach allows for secure and quick implementation

Remote Support

Users can reset passwords from any device at any time without the need to involve helpdesk support. Its only when an exception occurs that users can easily involve support staff

Reduced Help
Desk Calls

On average, nearly 25% of calls are password related. MyPass provides savings by providing a standard and well adopted password management process to users and helpdesk staff

Supports Various

MyPass Password Manager provides deep enterprise and cloud password synchronization support to vendor systems such from SAP, Oracle, IBM (z/OS, iSeries), Microsoft, Google, and many more

Multiple Authentication Methods

MyPass Password Manager enables user security and choice by integrating many different multi-factor authentication technologies such as Push notification, Q&A, SMS OTP, TOTP and more

// Feature Spotlight

Real-world Business

At MyPass we work with real businesses to solve real problems. Many of these requirements are re-introduced into the product to bring benefit to all our customers. Examples of such features are manage approval and full disk encryption self-service.

Manager Approval

This confirmation process alerts the manager of user password creation or reset. This improves weak current verification processes and assist the IT-security officer in overseeing user password self-service.

Disk Encryption

Ever tried to contact the company helpdesk about BitLocker or CheckPoint full disk recovery keys? We feel your pain! MyPass Password Manager allows users to recover these keys at any time from any device

// bring your own authentication

Suite of Authentication Options

MyPass Password Manager provides challenge / response gates in more than 30 languages and gives customers the ability to pick from various libraries of preconfigured options, or even to specify your own questions and answers.

Options Includes:

  • Personal Q/A Combinations
  • Preference Based Q/A Combinations
  • Bring your Own Q/A Combinations (BOYQ)

Prominent language options include:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Welsh
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Italian
  • and more

MyPass Password Manager provides various multi-factor authentication gates within the platform. These integrate with existing solution within each customer or can be served from the MyPass Cloud. These MFA gates include:

  • Google Authenticator (TOPT)
  • Microsoft Authenticator (TOPT)
  • LastPass Authenticator (TOPT)
  • Duo Security (TOPT)
  • Duo Security (Push Notification)
  • Email OTP
  • Text Message OTP

The MyPass Password Manager helpdesk PIN feature allows helpdesk agents to enroll users for self-service when contacting the helpdesk. This process enables the helpdesk to empower users to use self-service for the current password reset while enrolling users into self-service for future operations.

During a normal helpdesk password interaction, the helpdesk can reset or unlock accounts on behalf of the users or choose to guide the user through self-service enrolment. This work by first verifying the agent is speaking to the correct users. Once identity has been verified the agent sends the user a one-time-pin to their mobile device. This user can then use this pin to self-service enroll for MyPass Password Manager and then use the tool to reset or unlock their own account.

Public code cards allow users to be authenticated by using a public or company email account. This authentication method works well for external parties (contractors, vendors, vpn-only users, etc) and work by sending a matrix of code codes to the user email account. The user is then instructed to retrieve two codes as part of the password operation thereby using time and access to the code card as authentication inputs into the process.

Code cards have also been successfully used by customers with large footprints of shared computers by providing the code card to a store manager for authentication purposes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How simple is MyPass PM to implement?

For AD-only implementations we usually see it done within a timeframe of 1-2 weeks. For complex installations with IBM mainframes and SAP we see that it might take anywhere from 1 to 3 months.

What automated reporting and notifications can be configured to detect suspicious behaviour?

The MyPass Cloud has over 55 different notification triggers that can be configured to send email or text message notifications for anything from unusual number of access attempts to password synchronization failures.

Can MyPass reset the local PC password when the user is working from home?

Windows cached credentials can be a big pain when users are working remotely. Yes, the MyPass/FastPass PC agent can be trained to reset the local password cache on a Windows device. This requires us to work with your corporate network team to establish a non-interactive VPN connection.

How quickly can a proof of concept be setup?

With MyPass IVM, a proof of concept can be up and running within a day. If the process must be integrated with MyPass Password Manager (PM) or ingest data from on-premise systems (for verification information) a MyPass Gateway will first need to be deployed. This process is highly dependent on customer resources but usually takes no longer than a week or two. With additional target systems (SAP/Oracle etc.) budget for some additional time.

Can the solution be deployed in a dedicated tenant apart from other companies?

The MyPass solution is available for on-premise as well as for MyPass Cloud deployments. This includes shared multi-tenant, dedicated or managed service provider tenants.

Do we have to enroll users to use password reset in MyPass?

No, not for all users. In some cases, for example, when users will use cellphone numbers, MyPass can use the number from AD to provide just-in-time enrolment. If other authenitcation gates are used, these might require enrolment.

What languages are supported?

MyPass Password Manager supports more than 30 languages. Questions for user verification can be translated to local languages.

Some major langauges include:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Welsh
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Italian
  • and more

Additional localization options for labels and buttons etc. will be added in early 2022.

We need very high assurance when authenticating selected users. How can MyPass help?

MyPass Password Manager offers several tiered MFA authentication options. The most secure verification is however done by someone who knows the user and who is trusted by the organization. You can configure MyPass to force manager approval for selected groups with security sensitive users. Instead of manager approval this could also be a trusted colleague.

Can MyPass PM integrate into my ITSM system?

MyPass easily integrates with any ITSM system. (e.g. Remedy, Microfocus Service Request Center Software, Service Now, Wendia POB).

MyPass PM and IVM can be integrated seamless with the ITSM tool through transaction links, to allow agents to easily find the correct process and switch seamlessly.

What operating systems does the client support and is there a BYOD/ optimized website version?

The Password Reset Client for PC supports Windows 7 and Windows 10. For BYOD and browsers, the client is in responsive design and adapts to basically all devices.

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